WFO Quad Riding
Last Updated: Feb 21, 2011

This is me at the Little Sahara in Oklahoma.... around 1996

My brother's motorcycle accident. May 28, 1993


Glamis 1998

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Coleman Western skinner

I made this page in 1995 when I first started racing motorcross. I raced for about 4 years until I graduated college at the University of Oklahoma. Since then, I have really just kept up the page so that people might happen to run accross it and read the page about my brother and his wreck. So, if you don't look at it all, atleast check out that page. If you have any suggestions or a cool pic just email them to me.



               How about a few SAFETY TIPS.... 


                 No Helmet.   NO RIDE!!!

                 If you can't start it, you can't ride it.

                 If you can't lift it, you can't ride it.   
                     Reasoning: if something happens, and no one is around to help, 
                     you may be pinned by the quad and unable to help yourself. 

                 One Quad.  One Person.      Don't ride double?etc?.

                 Supervise, supervise, supervise!!! 
                     No rider under 16 rides without an adult RIGHT THERE. Not 
                     somewhere near. If something goes wrong, you'll be there to
                     help. If the kid is doing great, you'll be there to praise them.

                 Wear Safety Gear!!!
As Honda put it:

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