Honda TRX 250R

First bought in March of '97.  Had stock plastic and tires still
on it.  Only mod was a cheap DG pipe.

The transformation

At work in the Quad Palace, home of Mike Burns, trying to make 
something bearable out of my quad.  Pictured(l to r): Jimmy, Mike, and me
Finished product as of November '97   Has been Drastically changed 
since then.  hope to have pics up soon.

Mods and add ons

Here are a few stats on my quad.

Pipe/Silencer---------LRD Team B/LRD
Carb------------------bored 37mm 
Reeds-----------------FMF Torque reeds
Feul/Pre-mix----------Sonoco 108/Maxima Super M

Suspension f/r--------PEP/PEP
Swing-arm-------------Lone Star -1"
A-arms----------------Roll Design +2
Axle/Carrier----------Lone Star +2"/Lone Star Twin

Wheels/tires f--------red labels/ grooved Camacs
             r--------8" beadlocks w/Turf Tamers
             r--------20x11x9 Haulers

other add ons:
     Graydon nerfs, PRM grab bar, Pro Taper handle bars, Duncan Racing 
steering stabilizer, OMF louvers, OMF seat latch, Pro Design kill switch,
AC Racing skid plate, Turf's Up seat cover, Nac's case saver, Maier plastic and 
tank cover

I'm sure there are more I have forgotten about, but you get the idea.
Why haven't I done any motor work? well,you add up the cost so far and
see if you would have any money left.